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What Is Project Unicorn?

After years of sharing the evolution of Project Unicorn, the invention is about to take center stage with Jordan during Episode 1 of Marvel’s Hero Project. I thought it might be a great time to give a short timeline about the invention for anyone who starts googling around! First, Project Unicorn was an idea Jordan…

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Chicago Meet-Up Included in Marvel’s Hero Project

One of the sweetest parts of our last year traveling and meeting people across the country happened in Chicago this spring. The Chicago Museum of Science and Industry gave Jordan a chance to speak about Project Unicorn, design, and her upcoming book to a crowd in the museum’s atrium as a featured creator in the…

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One-Of-A-Kind Barbie Doll Honors for Jordan Reeves

Back in December 2015, Jordan decided to use her voice to encourage change in what we see on the toy shelves. She saw mainstream toy companies adding new accessories to help kids feel like they weren’t left out. So she started a campaign asking for limb difference options. The combination of her petition and…

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BOOST Workshop featured in Marvel’s Hero Project

With comic-book-style writing, a first-look video of Marvel’s Hero Project takes viewers to the Boston area where participants in a recent BOOST by Born Just Right workshop worked earlier this year. Funding from you made it possible, and now the entire Marvel Universe will see our work. How did this happen? Our co-founder, Jordan, was…

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Meet Make Just Right

If you have followed Born Just Right for a long time, you know this website and organization has evolved over the years. These last four years found us going from a community and website to a community and nonprofit. The blog posts have dropped off dramatically, but our impact in the world has grown. Jordan…

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A tiny documentary goes a long way

Earlier this summer, Born Just Right partnered with GoFundMe and 60 Second Docs to share the story of our organization. The goal was to try and raise enough money to work on our next BOOST by Born Just Right workshop. The workshops are a chance to introduce design to kids with physical disabilities. Those skills…

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Born Just Right on the TODAY Show

We are so honored Jordan and Jen could share the Born Just Right story and our book on the TODAY Show today. A production team visited us in May and they put together a really great piece. It’s exciting to share the full video from the 3rd Hour of the TODAY Show. You can also…

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Taking Born Just Right to the Next Level

Two years ago, Born Just Right started creating more design workshops for kids with physical differences. We have tested different ways to introduce design and encourage iterations while building a level of confidence that can come from creating something from scratch. Next week, Born Just Right plans to work with five of our workshop attendees…

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Innovation and Inclusion with Barbie

When Jordan spoke up about her hope to see more limb differences represented in toys, she did not expect anything would happen beyond gathering signatures on Because she spoke up, she worked with the Barbie design team on a new doll that wears a prosthetic leg. And now, Jordan got to shoot a video…

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Introducing Born Just Right – The Book

It’s a big deal book birthday today. The book Jordan and Jen wrote together, BORN JUST RIGHT, is now on sale across the United States. We are tremendously proud to share Jordan’s story with so many people who may have never heard about our organization or the cool design ideas Jordan has shown off in…

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