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Posts by Jen Lee Reeves

Barbie Diversity Continues in 2020

It is so exciting to see the newest array of diverse dolls coming out in 2020 thanks to Barbie’s Fashionistas doll line. We have a close connection to the designers thanks to the opportunity to collaborate with the team as they launched the very first prosthetic leg doll back in 2019. This year, the newest…

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New BOOST by Born Just Right Workshops

In the last year, we have gotten the chance to share our work with the world. Thanks to your donations and support, Born Just Right continues to hold BOOST workshops across the country. Last weekend, BJR partnered with the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City to offer a mini version of our BOOST workshop.…

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Take the Time to Listen to Disabled Voices

Asmani Huda speaks on stage and a graphic on the screen shows her name

As the parent of a child with a physical disability, I have grown in my understanding and knowledge of the disability community through the years. If you dig into the beginnings of this blog, you’ll see I used the words “special needs” and “different” a lot. I use the word “disability” now. That evolution is…

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Celebrating Born Just Right Support

Since Jordan’s episode of Marvel’s Hero Project released, we have reveled in the excitement around it all! It’s amazing to see the growing number of people who have seen the episode that features Born Just Right’s BOOST Workshop. After the release, watch parties popped up across the country. Autodesk Boston hosted a crew that included…

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Join the Born Just Right Patreon Community

In the last year, Born Just Right worked with its community of makers, designers, and passionate families to do some of the most amazing things. We supported the launch of a new prosthetic leg-wearing Barbie doll, we released a book, and we are featured with co-founder, Jordan, in a Marvel series. There is so much…

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What Is Project Unicorn?

After years of sharing the evolution of Project Unicorn, the invention is about to take center stage with Jordan during Episode 1 of Marvel’s Hero Project. I thought it might be a great time to give a short timeline about the invention for anyone who starts googling around! First, Project Unicorn was an idea Jordan…

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Chicago Meet-Up Included in Marvel’s Hero Project

One of the sweetest parts of our last year traveling and meeting people across the country happened in Chicago this spring. The Chicago Museum of Science and Industry gave Jordan a chance to speak about Project Unicorn, design, and her upcoming book to a crowd in the museum’s atrium as a featured creator in the…

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One-Of-A-Kind Barbie Doll Honors for Jordan Reeves

Back in December 2015, Jordan decided to use her voice to encourage change in what we see on the toy shelves. She saw mainstream toy companies adding new accessories to help kids feel like they weren’t left out. So she started a campaign asking for limb difference options. The combination of her petition and…

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BOOST Workshop featured in Marvel’s Hero Project

With comic-book-style writing, a first-look video of Marvel’s Hero Project takes viewers to the Boston area where participants in a recent BOOST by Born Just Right workshop worked earlier this year. Funding from you made it possible, and now the entire Marvel Universe will see our work. How did this happen? Our co-founder, Jordan, was…

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