What Is Project Unicorn?

After years of sharing the evolution of Project Unicorn, the invention is about to take center stage with Jordan during Episode 1 of Marvel’s Hero Project. I thought it might be a great time to give a short timeline about the invention for anyone who starts googling around!

Jordan stares into a glass case where her Project Unicorn invention is on display.
Jordan looking at the current version of Project Unicorn on display at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

First, Project Unicorn was an idea Jordan came up with during a five-day workshop that is now called BOOST by Born Just Right. Our program director, Kate Ganim, came up with the curriculum to help kids with physical disabilities learn how to design based on their own lived experiences. Jordan is one of a number of kids who have developed really cool ideas out of the workshop.

Jordan looks at the camera with a tough-guy look while wearing the original circular version of Project Unicorn.
Jordan with the first successful version of Project Unicorn.

At the beginning, Project Unicorn was only related to a unicorn by name but not the look. Jordan’s first design was a starburst 3D printed circle that fit around her little arm. Little air puffers helped throw glitter out of sliced-open Nerf bullets. It was cool but Jordan wanted the glitter to REALLY spray. Not just dribble out.

The Designing Continues

Enter Sam Hobish! He volunteered to become Jordan’s design partner. For weeks they met over Google Hangouts to continue iterating on the design. Jordan hit tough walls along the way before they came up with a totally different design: A unicorn horn that shoots glitter. They showed off the design during a session at Maker Faire Bay Area in May 2016.

Jordan holds up an older version of Project Unicorn while holding a microphone. A big MAKE. Live background is behind her while others sit behind her on the stage.
Jordan presenting at Maker Faire Bay Area with Sam helping manage the presentation slides.

Throughout the process, Jordan had opportunities to talk about design at public events thanks to a couple of times when her work went viral. Her favorite moments were when Kid President mentioned her work and she was mentioned by Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls.

Next-Level National

After attending an inventor’s day event through Autodesk at NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering, Jordan was invited to show off Project Unicorn on The Rachael Ray Show. To make it even more amazing, she got to pitch the idea to the entire Shark Tank cast to promote their new season. Jordan had a chance to speak to Mark Cuban afterward and they took an epic photo together.

Jordan and Mark Cuban look at the camera with a tough look while Jordan holds up Project Unicorn.
Jordan and Mark Cuban after her appearance on The Rachael Ray Show.

After that, things went wild. Around the same time, Born Just Right, the blog, turned into Born Just Right, the nonprofit. Jordan spoke at not just one but two TEDx events. We signed with a literary agent and eventually signed a book deal with Simon & Schuster. The nonprofit continued to launch more events and BOOST workshops. Our book, Born Just Right launched came out this summer! Jordan’s design work, plus her outreach to encourage more disability representation in dolls led to a chance to consult on a new prosthetic-leg wearing Barbie doll that came out earlier this summer.

Marvel’s Hero Project

And now we’re here. Project Unicorn and Jordan are featured in Episode 1 of Marvel’s Hero Project. The show launches a week from today on November 12th when Disney+ starts its streaming service. We’d love to invite you to join in on a digital watch party and enjoy some of our extra live events for watch party attendees. The Disney+ service launches with a chance for a seven-day trial if you sign up for a one-month subscription at $6.99/month. It’s $69.99 for a year.

We realize not everyone can afford the service. So, I strongly recommend finding a friend who purchased it to enjoy the show. We are very proud of how Jordan and our organization are represented with respect and honesty. The world deserves the chance to soak in the good that is out there and we are so honored to be included.


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