Our Story

Every child is born just right. This site started is a place where parents could come to share stories, read stories and feel safe as we all learn how to be advocates for our kids. It’s a wild ride that is best experienced when you lean on others and get the support you need.

We have a growing mission focused on creating creative solutions to help kids born with differences live a more enjoyable life. That’s why we launched as a non-profit to support this mission.

Visit the Blog to read stories. Visit the Support Page to learn more about why chatting with other families is so darn important. If you’re new to the world of limb differences, I’d love to share the Five Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me When My Daughter Was Born.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Jen Lee Reeves. I’m the mom to Cameron and Jordan. Cameron was born on April Fool’s Day in 2002 and has kept us busy ever since with his incredible perceptive and honest view on life. Miss Jordan was born on December 29, 2005, and has surprised us in so many ways. Most obviously she surprised us when we discovered she was born with a full right arm and a left arm that stops after the humerus. I decided to start blogging about Jordan from the moment I found out I was pregnant… so blogging wasn’t a difficult process for me. But through the last eleven years of writing, I have felt committed to making sure Cameron and Jordan get everything out of life. Born Just Right helps make that possible.

My husband Randy and I have learned so much about what it takes to advocate for our children and how powerful it can be when parents work together in advocacy and support for each other. If you would like to learn more about me personally, check out the Our People section of the website.



If you’re curious about traditional prosthetics, I’ve documented the process we went through to build Jordan’s different prosthetic arms. At almost 13-years-old, Jordan has chosen to take time off from using traditional prosthetics but she continues to build her own ideas and concepts.

2006 – Myoelectric built by Pediatric Prosthetics
2007 – Myoelectric built by Pediatric Prosthetics
2008 – Passive arm with replaceable “hands” by Scheck and Siress
2010 – Passive arm with an “elbow” and hook that opens and closes and a play arm with replaceable “hands” by Scheck and Siress
2011 – Passive arm with an elbow and hook arm that move with the help of a harness by Scheck and Siress
2013 – Body-powered arm with an elbow and hook arm and harness without a pin system to give more elbow flex by Scheck and Siress
2015 – Body powered arm with an elbow and hook and figure nine harness using suction to give Jordan more shoulder rotation. Also a new passive sports arm with replaceable “hands” by Scheck and Siress