BOOST Workshop featured in Marvel’s Hero Project

With comic-book-style writing, a first-look video of Marvel’s Hero Project takes viewers to the Boston area where participants in a recent BOOST by Born Just Right workshop worked earlier this year. Funding from you made it possible, and now the entire Marvel Universe will see our work.

How did this happen?

Our co-founder, Jordan, was tapped to become one of 20 kids honored to be included in a new Marvel documentary series that launches when the Disney+ streaming service starts on November 12th. Check out the trailer showing many of the kids including Jordan:

To help raise awareness about the show, Jordan and I along with Cameron had a chance to help some of the Marvel executive producers share details about the Hero Project at New York Comic-Con.

An audience at a Comic-Con panel got to watch Episode One where they learned about Jordan, our family, our nonprofit, and how Jordan was included in a new Marvel comic about her! Afterward, Jordan surprised the audience and answered questions with some of the show’s executive producers. It was amazing to see the audience give her a standing ovation. We really can’t wait for everyone to see this episode! Not to mention, a new Marvel comic about Jordan releases online for free digital download.

You can also watch a Q&A recorded for where another awesome Marvel Hero, Hailey, participated in a conversation with Jordan.

Jordan was totally at ease sharing her views at New York Comic-Con along with Marvel executive producers.

First Look

Afterward, Marvel released this sneak peek of the episode showing Jordan and her friends and all the wonderful people who attended our BOOST workshop at Microsoft’s Garage in Cambridge, MA:

We are so excited for everyone to see Jordan’s story and what it’s really like to attend one of our BOOST workshops! Born Just Right is hosting a digital watch party so we can all celebrate. If you sign up, we’ll invite you to a special live Q&A and a chance to win some fun prizes for attendees. Of course, Disney+ is a subscription service so it isn’t completely free. But we hope you have a chance to enjoy the series. We are very very proud.

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If you’re curious about the panel, here’s a video of it:


  1. Adelaide Dupont on October 20, 2019 at 3:31 pm


    Jordan is an important part of the Marvel fandom/franchise.

    This is the moment for we who love technology and comics.

    And I think Disney Plus is really starting off how it means to continue.

  2. mesquela on October 21, 2019 at 12:04 pm

    Congratulations! This is really exciting for everyone who addresses limb differences!

  3. […] was the first kid in the series presented with a copy of her comic and since she had a chance to preview her episode at Comic-Con, attendees had a chance to score a poster of the cover of her […]

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