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Disability Design


Introducing BOOST by Born Just Right. If you don’t have a hand, what could it be? Born Just Right invites kids to celebrate the bodies they’re in, and reframe their disability as a way to design something no one else can build. What if we lived in a world where disability and assistive devices are met with, “WOAH THAT’S SO COOL! I WISH I HAD ONE OF THOSE!!!”? We’d like to find out.

We offer 5-day intensive workshops for kids with a range of abilities. Our workshop participants learn some pretty cool tools and technology (like 3D printing, robotics, or AI), and work alongside professional designers, engineers, and makers to bring their fantastic ideas to life. Post-workshop, they are “buddied up” with design and engineering professionals for 4-6 months to continue developing and refining their prototypes.

We want kids to leave our workshops with a new perspective, technical skills, confidence in the design process and their ability to make, connection with kids who have a similar condition, relationships with design and engineering professionals, AND a super cool body mod.

The curriculum started in 2014 as a project of Born Just Right’s partner, KIDmob, the mobile kid-integrated design firm. It is led by Kate Ganim – trained in architecture – and has been made possible by the time and support of many incredible individuals and organizations. Special thanks to our sponsors and partners, listed below!