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Introducing Boost by Born Just Right

We are so excited to announce the curriculum that makes Born Just Right’s workshops deliver design opportunities to kids with disabilities is officially a part of our organization. After it originated as Superhero Boost/Cyborg, we are renaming it BOOST by Born Just Right. Kate Ganim joins Born Just Right as its new Senior Program Director…

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Born Just Right – The Book

For the last year or so, we’ve been working with an editor at Simon & Schuster to launch a book that is about Jordan’s adventures. I’m super excited to share this book with you. The Born Just Right community has been with us from the very beginning. I met so many of you because of…

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Superhero Boost on NBC Nightly News

We are so thrilled Superhero Boost was featured in an NBC Nightly News piece by Joe Fryer. He featured some of our kids at work during our workshop this year.  Ryder Ryder shows off his snake concept to NBC’s Joe Fryer. Ryder was the youngest participant in this year’s Superhero Boost. He loves snakes and…

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Sydney’s BMX Bike Arm

We are so thrilled to see some of our Superhero Boost participants’ work toward a new prototype since this summer’s workshop. As they report out details of their work with us, we’re going to share them with you! First up: Sydney! We are so excited to see her working toward a usable BMX bike arm…

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Take a Glimpse Into the Superhero Boost Experience

Superhero Boost kid Ryder works on coding a Google DIY kit

We are so honored Autodesk created a video that gives you a real idea of Superhero Boost and what we hope kids can grow out of the experience. Check it out: Our eight kids are learning how to continue working on projects – most were paired up with design buddies who are meeting remotely to…

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The Story of Superhero Boost

The story of Superhero Boost starts way back in January 2016. Jordan and I were invited to attend an event in San Francisco called “Superhero Cyborgs” and it’s where the Project Unicorn idea happened. We were so lucky to get to know Kate Ganim of KIDmob and work with Autodesk, the company that hosted the event.…

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Parenting is not THAT different with a teen

[This post is sponsored by the Center for Parent and Teen Communication.  All opinions are my own.] Then My high energy toddler could run circles around all of us and repeat back every detail of the movie he watched just once. I was “Mr. Credible” and Cameron was “Dash.” We would play pretend characters just…

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Sharing a Rockstar Kid Story to Mom 2.0 Summit

When I announced to friends, family, and colleagues in a baby announcement email about how Jordan was born with one hand, I had a couple of people react by saying they expect I’ll write a book someday. And they’re right. I am working on it. First, Jordan and I have a book about her life…

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Celebrating Unicorns for Limb Loss Awareness Month

This is the Amputee Coalition’s eighth year celebrating limb loss and limb difference during the month of April. We acknowledge it every year, but this year we thought it would be a great time to bring back our ongoing conversation about how limb differences and limb loss are a chance to celebrate our community of…

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Biodegradable Glitter Partnership for Born Just Right

It is so exciting to bring Born Just Right into new partnerships and our latest is super shiny. Ever since Jordan invented Project Unicorn, we’ve heard the concerns about the pollution caused by glitter. I started researching on biodegradable options. There are a couple of companies working on environmentally-friendly products but there’s only one that…

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