Chicago Meet-Up Included in Marvel’s Hero Project

One of the sweetest parts of our last year traveling and meeting people across the country happened in Chicago this spring. The Chicago Museum of Science and Industry gave Jordan a chance to speak about Project Unicorn, design, and her upcoming book to a crowd in the museum’s atrium as a featured creator in the Wired to Wear exhibit.

Afterward, she had a chance to meet so many wonderful kids and eventually shoot glitter on EVERYONE. There were smiles, and photos and hugs. It was just so much fun.

Jordan and Zoey posing for photos before our family meetup later in the day.

Afterward, a number of families of kids with limb differences met up with us in a game room of an apartment complex in the city to eat food and have fun together as part of the Born Just Right community.

During all of this, Jordan and I had a camera following us around to shoot a portion of Marvel’s Hero Project. That isn’t an easy process. Jordan will tell you, she had to walk and stare at things a lot. She did a lot of interviews!

Jordan stood at the spot in the museum where Project Unicorn is on display.

By the time we got to the meet-up with the families, I worried Jordan wouldn’t have any energy left to meet with the kids. But somehow, someway, she not only had energy, but she had a lot of it. She played and laughed and ate and had a really wonderful time. The producer of our segment, Anthony Behn, gathered some of the kids together to talk about Jordan and what she’s done in their eyes. It made for a really special conversation. I’m so honored their moms and dads let the kids become a part of the episode.

There’s always something special when you can connect to other people who have the same lived experience. I’ve written about it time and time again. I am so glad Jordan could help make that special connection and how our organization continues to bring so many of us together.

After the long day of speaking and meeting and eating and having fun, Anthony asked Jordan to go out to the Chicago skyline to make sure there was some video of her in the city. She was tired. It was REALLY cold. But after you see the episode, you will know it was beautiful. And I’m really glad Anthony talked her into it. (But if you ask Jordan, she’ll make sure to explain how cold it really was and she fully blames Anthony.)

We can’t wait for the world to see Jordan and the kids when Episode One starts streaming on the day Disney+ launches on November 12th.

It was so cold, but the camera crew caught some beautiful shots for the episode.

We are so excited to take part in another meetup in Chicago on November 9th. Before that, you’ll have a chance to meet Jordan and me for two hours at the Museum of Science and Industry from 10 AM to noon where we will sign books and there might be another Project Unicorn demonstration! See you there!

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