Introducing Born Just Right – The Book

It’s a big deal book birthday today. The book Jordan and Jen wrote together, BORN JUST RIGHT, is now on sale across the United States. We are tremendously proud to share Jordan’s story with so many people who may have never heard about our organization or the cool design ideas Jordan has shown off in so many places.

We hope the new book will give kids and adults a chance to think about disability with a fresher view. It’s a chance to understand that disability is not a deficiency. It’s a chance to see the world with more creativity and a natural ability to problem solve.

We had an amazing crowd at Books of Wonder! (There was a lot of laughter!)

The book got a huge launch in New York City’s Uptown Books of Wonder store. Dozens of books were sold, we signed books, and Jordan got to spread her biodegradable glitter with all kinds of people out in front of the store. (Thanks again to BioGlitz for supplying us with biodegradable glitter!) We can’t thank everyone at the store for helping us have a tremendous experience. It was so fun!!

There was a lot of glitter shooting outside the store!

Big thanks to Être for bringing 22 young women to the event! They asked great questions and Jordan had a blast sharing Project Unicorn with them!

It’s thrilling to have spent the last two years working on this book – it’s mainly written from Jordan’s 11-year-old perspective. What a wild ride we’ve been on to get to today. Not to mention, we’ve had tremendous love and support from so many people along the way.

It is such a joy to see Born Just Right the book is out in the world!

We want to give a shoutout to our literary agent at Folio Literary Management, John Cusick, our book editor at Simon & Schuster, Alyson Heller, and to all of the amazing people who support Born Just Right the nonprofit. Big shoutouts to Born Just Right’s Kate Ganim, Sam Hobish, Jen Myronuk, and Sarah Granger.

Grab your copy today! You can find it online and in many bookstores in person. Jordan is speaking at State of the Young People this weekend in California and we have a book event at Politics & Prose in Washington, DC on June 10th!

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