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If you have followed Born Just Right for a long time, you know this website and organization has evolved over the years. These last four years found us going from a community and website to a community and nonprofit. The blog posts have dropped off dramatically, but our impact in the world has grown.

Jordan and Jen made a pact in 2016 to make sure the privilege that came their way could be shared with even more kids with disabilities. That’s why the organization’s focus is to lead to completely new types of STEM/STEAM-powered adults in the world.

A diagram with a circle in the center that says "Future Stem Skilled Employees" it is connected by four other circles that say Build awareness, Create Opportunities, Connect to Future Employers, and Build Community.

With that in mind, we wanted to see what is possible when we give more opportunities to alumni of our BOOST by Born Just Right workshops.

After Born Just Right co-founders Jordan and Jen Lee Reeves consulted with Mattel on a new prosthetic-wearing Barbie doll in 2018, they knew more young designers in the disability community could make an impact in all kinds of industries. That’s why Jen and Program Director Kate Ganim worked with Jordan and three other BOOST alumni to launch Make Just Right.

Four young people sit near or on concrete steps.
Meet the Make Just Right founders, Anaiss, Caleb, Aiden, and Jordan.

Four young people spent a week living together, working together, and working on project reports with potential clients to see how they could launch a youth design consultancy. Since that week-long process, the team meets weekly to grow awareness and build a robust toolkit that can benefit all kinds of industries interested in their insight.

Over the last couple of months since launch, Caleb Tighe has attended the Boston Disability Expo and spoke at Massachusetts Pride events about accessibility. Anaiss Arreola is scheduled to speak at Kansas City’s Nelson-Atkins Museum in November to talk about disability and design. She also wrote a piece on MJR’s new Medium page about her views on disability and design. Check out “Disability Does Not Destroy Design.” Jordan had a chance to talk about her work with Mattel during the Concordia International Summit in New York City. You can watch the full conversation here:

We are so thrilled to see this team continue to build the organization. Born Just Right’s BOOST workshops are a really great way to identify young designers who want to participate in Make Just Right. That’s why we are in talks with a couple of universities to see if that’s a good location for our next BOOST event. Feel free to reach out to us if you are interested in hosting a workshop.

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