A tiny documentary goes a long way

Earlier this summer, Born Just Right partnered with GoFundMe and 60 Second Docs to share the story of our organization. The goal was to try and raise enough money to work on our next BOOST by Born Just Right workshop.

The workshops are a chance to introduce design to kids with physical disabilities. Those skills add confidence and insight to recognize how disability gives you the perspective that can improve and change the way things are designed.

The 60 Second Docs piece focused on why Jordan works to raise money for BOOSTxBJR workshops. You can also see the founding members of a new youth design consultancy BJR helped launch over the summer, Make Just Right.

We are incredibly thankful for the tremendous amount of support toward Jordan’s ongoing GoFundMe campaign. Thanks to this second round of encouragement, we raised an extra $10,000! Most of our workshops can cost up to $40,000 to run. These donations make it possible for us to support even more kids!

Thank you to every one of you who supports us through so many different ways: Holding fundraisers on your own, sharing stories and photos about our work on social media, and cheering us along every step of the way.

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