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Born Just Right – The Book

For the last year or so, we’ve been working with an editor at Simon & Schuster to launch a book that is about Jordan’s adventures. I’m super excited to share this book with you. The Born Just Right community has been with us from the very beginning. I met so many of you because of my writing or thanks to Jordan’s many travels. Many of these connections started online and have turned into full-fledged in-person friendships. Others, we haven’t met yet, but you’re incredibly important to our lives! This book and Jordan’s dynamic upbringing is thanks to our many links into the limb difference world.

Our book cover! I love the sparkles – some of them shine!

Jordan and I wrote the book, Born Just Right, together. It’s written in Jordan’s voice. We talked through the entire book together. Some parts were easier for me to write (like when she was a baby) and others were easier for her (like when she’s talking about friends). Together, we tell the story of Jordan’s life experiences leading up to the launch of Born Just Right as a nonprofit and shooting biodegradable glitter as a way to change perceptions. It’s super exciting. 

Mark it down in your calendar… June 4, 2019. Simon & Schuster already has a page for the book including links for pre-sale but I’m sure there’s a more official time to encourage everyone to buy the book to make sure it hits some kind of sales level. We are excited that a part of the profits will help go toward this organization to help it grow. We are new to the world of book publishing. But we are so thrilled to tell our experiences in a new way.

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