Born Just Right - The Book

We are thrilled to release a book about our co-founder, Jordan Reeves. It's called BORN JUST RIGHT - just like our organization.

Jordan wanted to write a book that shows helps change the conversation around disability. She noticed how her Project Unicorn invention gave her a chance to show how disability is an opportunity in the world of design. It also made it easier to talk about disability with kids. But she didn't get to that discovery without years of experiences as she grew up. The book allows Jordan to share a lot more about her story. Each experience made it possible for her to add a little extra sparkle to the world.

We hope you will consider purchasing the book and share your thoughts about it online wherever you like to share things.

There are all kinds of places you can purchase the book.

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We are thrilled to see the book in libraries, schools, and a part of summer camps this year. Also, Born Just Right won Digital Book World's Best Children's Book award in 2019!