Meet Marvel’s Hero Project’s “Sensational Jordan” Comic Book

Today, Disney+ launched a whole new Marvel series, Marvel’s Hero Project. We are incredibly proud that our very own co-founder, Jordan Reeves, is featured in the very first episode. Not only is there a show about Jordan, her family, and Born Just Right’s BOOST workshops, Marvel comics drew Jordan into the Marvel Universe as the first comic book released out of 20 kids featured in this series. Even better? Everyone can check out the comics and download them for free online. Check out the comic book from Marvel’s website!

Jordan was so surprised when she saw the comic book for the first time.

Jordan was the first kid in the series presented with a copy of her comic and since she had a chance to preview her episode at Comic-Con, attendees had a chance to score a poster of the cover of her comic!

A couple of copies of the comic cover in poster form at Comic-Con.

The first time we got to read the comic was after Jordan was surprised at the end of our BOOST workshop presentation (hosted by Microsoft New England’s Garage) during the Cambridge Science Festival. The Cambridge Innovation Center was a tremendous host to us for where all the attendees presented their designs from the weekend. Everyone who attended the event got to check out the comic. My favorite part of the entire episode of Marvel’s Hero Project happened while Cameron and Jordan talked about the comic.

Cameron and Jordan reading Comic Book #1 of Marvel’s Hero Project.

Having a kid who is officially a part of the Marvel Universe is unreal. We are so proud and hope Jordan has nothing but happiness and joy ahead of her as we travel this unusual path.


  1. Harlyn Veitch on May 15, 2020 at 1:45 pm

    Hello my name is Harlyn. I have a few thing’s that I wanted to say. First why did you want a unicorn arm??? Also why did you call it project unicorn? That’s it!

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