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In the last year, Born Just Right worked with its community of makers, designers, and passionate families to do some of the most amazing things. We supported the launch of a new prosthetic leg-wearing Barbie doll, we released a book, and we are featured with co-founder, Jordan, in a Marvel series. There is so much fun and learning during our workshops and meetups. Let’s keep growing!

We often hear from people asking how they can support our organization. This is a whole new fun way to get involved. Enter the new Born Just Right Patreon community!

We have easy monthly donation levels that start at $1/month. That first level gets you to access a new monthly magazine we are developing called the BOOST Inclusive Design Dispatch. If we can get enough subscribers, we’ll launch our first edition in January!

Membership levels grow from there. Enter monthly raffles for cool Born Just Right items and even the new Marvel’s Hero Project comic book, “Sensational Jordan” depending on which membership level you pick.

Why a Patreon?

Our goal is to add more Born Just Right workshops and events onto our calendar. We want to see more events with more regular locations and dates. As in the past, workshop attendees do not pay to attend, nor do they pay for their travel or accommodations if the event is out of state. Attendees also get a chance to partner with awesome volunteer designers to help continue building onto the design process after the workshops.

This Patreon will expand our work and the conversation about the need for inclusive design WITH the disability community. Your support helps Born Just Right’s mission to create a more inclusive world through design! 

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