Kicking Off Answers to Your Scholastic’s Learn At Home Questions

While so many people around the world respond with healthy ways to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, Born Just Right and Jordan’s work were featured in two different lessons on Scholastic’s Learn At Home course work for Grades 3-5 and Grades 6+. Since we are included in Day 1, we are hearing from a lot of kids who worked on classwork.

Some kids shared some really great ideas and inventions and ideas they worked on after reading about Jordan. Other kids wrote out statements and questions. We will post a number of times this week with answers. We appreciate each and every one of them. Leave your extra questions or thoughts in the comments!

The Aldrich_Family Twitter shared 3D prints from Abby and Robbie. They shared with us how the two were inspired to print out little items and creating a plaque with their names after reading the article! They also sent us a couple of questions about how Jordan created Project Unicorn:
Q: How did you get the 3D printer to print a hollow space that allowed for the glitter to pass through?
A: I started learning to use computer-assisted design (CAD) with Tinkercad. Creating hollow things isn’t as easy with that tool. That’s why I worked with my design partner on a CAD called Fusion 360. We were able to design a unicorn horn that is hollow.

Q: Also, how did you get the glitter to actually shoot out?
A: I used compressed air! Here’s a little video I did a while ago that shows how it shoots:

8-year-old Riley sent a drawing of a concept created after watching the video shared by Scholastic. This is a prosthetic arm concept that “will have suction cups allowing kids to climb trees or buildings without falling.”

There were also a lot of questions from kids who wanted to know more about Project Unicorn:

Q: When did you start project unicorn? (from Haejen Pearl)
A: I started the creation when I attended a workshop in January 2016. I thought it would be cool to shoot glitter out of my arm and came up with an idea that worked. After the workshop, I worked with a design partner named Sam Hobish who helped me turn it into what it is today – a unicorn horn that shoots (biodegradable) glitter!

Q: Why do you like glitter so much? Is it like your favorite thing? (from Nikko)
A: I actually don’t know if glitter is my favorite thing in the world but I really love how it brings joy. I picked glitter shooting because I thought it would be a lot of fun. I had no idea so many people would love it. I really didn’t expect it would give me a chance to talk more about disabilities!

Q: Why did you pick a glitter arm? (from Schulyer)
A: When I was at the workshop, I was given a challenge to use my little arm as a way to do something fun or different. I noticed glitter on the table and picked it. I didn’t think it would work but it really works!

A lot of you asked about Jordan’s dogs. So, let’s introduce them to you:

Blue and Bailey!

Introducing Blue and Bailey! Blue is the grey dog and Bailey is the big, fluffy dog. Blue is almost three and Bailey is six. They are really silly but make us smile a lot when they aren’t barking or using the entire house as a wrestling match. Blue loves to play catch. Bailey loves getting his butt scratched.

We have SO many other questions, we plan to do a few more posts to answer them. There are more questions each and every day. So please don’t feel left out. We have to share your questions about favorite books, sports, daily lifestyle questions and so much more.

If you don’t want to wait, you can read our book! Jordan shared her story in a middle-grade chapter book called (you probably can guess) BORN JUST RIGHT. It’s available through your local bookstore (please support your local book store) or available for download. The hardback book is for sale now and the paperback comes out in June!

We can’t wait to share even more answers to your questions soon!


  1. Jen Dwyer on March 24, 2020 at 2:03 pm

    does your arm ever hurt? from: Zoe.D. Bunny.B. Lianne. Dwyer.

    • Jen Lee Reeves on March 25, 2020 at 11:52 am

      Hi, Zoe! Jordan’s arm doesn’t hurt but the skin is really sensitive. Think about the skin you have on the backside of your forearm – that’s the kind of skin that’s on the bottom of her little arm. So, it can get rashes from time to time or really dry when you wash your hands a lot. (Like we all are these days!)

  2. Nicole Isabelle for Maddex on March 26, 2020 at 1:36 pm

    Hi Jordan, my name is Maddex. Thank you for telling us your story, it was very encouraging! I have a couple questions for you. Does your Glitter Arm fall off or how do you keep it on? How do you climb up things?

  3. Delilah Robinson on April 7, 2020 at 8:17 am

    Hey Jordan or Jen I just wanted to ask how do you put the unicorn horn on to your arm and what the tube is for ?

  4. Reagan on April 7, 2020 at 12:49 pm

    hi Jordan. I just wanted to ask how old where you when you made the unicorn horn

    • Jen Lee Reeves on April 20, 2020 at 8:25 am

      Reagan – Jordan was ten when she first came up with the Project Unicorn idea!

  5. Maddie on April 9, 2020 at 9:10 am

    Hi Jordan! Maddie would like to know if you ride a bike. If so, how do you do it?

    • Jen Lee Reeves on April 20, 2020 at 8:25 am

      Hi, Maddie! Jordan learned to ride a bike wearing a prosthetic arm. Since she hasn’t worn one in a few years, she hasn’t used bikes for a while. She tends to use a scooter or her skateboard. She knows a lot of one-handed kids who can ride a bike without any trouble and don’t even use prosthetics. It’s just never been a huge priority for her to figure it out.

  6. Brecken on April 30, 2020 at 6:34 pm

    How did JordanThink of shooting glitter?

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