Parenting Teens is Really Hard Right Now

This post is made possible with support from the Center for Parent and Teen Communication, part of Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. All opinions are my own.

A drawn image of a lighthouse with two sail boats balancing on each side. There are two people standing apart near the top of the lighthouse.

Parenting may feel really lonely these days, but the Center for Parent and Teen Communication uses science-based strategies to offer guidance and support for healthy family relationships. I don’t know about you, but a lot of family dynamics feel really challenging as we near a full year of pandemic living. Visit CPTC’s site and you might appreciate signing up for CPTC’s 100-word, daily parenting tip newsletter.

I believe this is one of the most difficult times to be a parent. The global pandemic combined with global racism, global warming, and so many other concerns makes parenting teens extra hard right now.

If you ever need a moment to pause and reflect on how you’re parenting your teens, you might be interested in the Center for Parent and Teen Communication’s 1-minute parenting tip touchpoints.

My favorite video focuses on Lighthouse Parenting. When our family sees each other ALL the time and our teens have fewer peers around, reminding myself to be a lighthouse is really helpful.
You might be interested in watching the CPTC animations for yourself. I’m not kidding when I say they are a great, quick way to check-in and shift how you’re thinking about parenting. I’d be curious to hear which one is your favorite.

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