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Superhero Cyborgs Assemble Once Again

In one day, eight kids turned themselves into the ultimate superhero upgrades this weekend in the Boston area. It’s amazing to see what we were able to do in one day. With the support of an amazing group of organizations, eight kids gathered at Canopy City in Somerville, Massachusetts to learn how to bring design…

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25,000 Signatures To Change The Toy Industry

We did it! Jordan’s ongoing push to petition American Girl to include limb difference options with its Truly Me line of dolls just hit 25,000 signatures! 25,000! Thanks to you, this was possible. In the time it took to launch this petition and get to 25,000 signatures, Born Just Right has evolved into a nonprofit.…

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How Four Days Can Impact a Lifetime

Jordan and I wrapped up our visit to Camp No Limits Missouri this week. It was one for the record books. We had many, many new families and some of the best weather camp has seen in years. This was Jordan’s ninth year attending the camp and it’s stunning how impactful the experience has been…

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Watch Jordan’s TEDx Talk

After a long wait, we can finally share the video fo Jordan’s TEDx Talk during TEDxCoMo. She wishes you could hear more of the audience chuckles but either way, I’m proud of her for speaking on a big stage in front of a lot of people. She had a chance to speak her mind and…

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Superhero Cyborgs is Back for One Day

Get your superhero brainstorming helmets on! Born Just Right is teaming up with KIDmob and Helping Hands Foundation to host a one-day mini-Superhero Cyborgs camp to introduce the concepts Jordan used that led to Project Unicorn! We are crazy excited. Here’s the plan. Many kids and families have a chance to attend the Helping Hands…

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The End of the Elementary School Era

I still clearly remember Jordan’s first day of Kindergarten. I was so strong in front of her. We walked to school with Cameron and other kids in the neighborhood. There was picture time with the kids in front of the school. Randy and I helped Jordan sit down with other new Kindergarteners in the hallway…

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Pushing Limitations at Great Wolf Lodge

Our family had a chance to visit a Great Wolf Lodge for the first time over the weekend. I was a little nervous about going to a new place that might have restrictions on people with one hand. I reached out to the Kansas City hotel to confirm if there were any restrictions. Luckily, a…

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Project Unicorn Meets Starbucks' Unicorn Frappuccino

It seems like Jordan has created a craze that is traveling across the country. Unicorns are the BEST! And apparently, if you were a unicorn, you would taste like the combination of mango and sour blue raspberry. That’s what Starbucks did with its Unicorn Frappuccino. It’s a fun and brightly colored drink that is only…

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