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STEM and STEAM Gifts for the Holidays

As the kids get older and the more aware I am about the importance of STEM/STEAM education, I’ve been on the hunt for some fun STEAM gifts that keep the kids learning. I came to a realization very slowly as Jordan got deeper and deeper into design and design thinking with the help of Project…

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A Whirlwind of Activities + New Events

Travel, work, school, activities, friends, and family… That’s how we are filling our time.  We are trying to continue building Born Just Right while also trying to keep up with the many things life is handing us. None of these are bad things! We’re thrilled to have a chance to grow awareness about Born Just…

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Sharing a Design Story with #AIGAdesign

This morning, Jordan has a chance to tell her story of creating Project Unicorn and learning how design can enhance her life and the lives of many other kids. She and I are attending the national AIGA Design Conference in Minneapolis. She is giving a presentation during a symposium called The Impact of Inclusion. Jordan…

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Join Us at #STEMchat for a Fun Conversation

NOTE: Jordan and I are receiving a small fee to participate in this event Today, Jordan and I are taking part in Born Just Right’s first invitation to participate in a Twitter chat. I’ve been a part of Twitter chats for many years but it’s the first time for BJR! It’s also Jordan’s first chance…

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Meeting a Born Just Right Hallmark Master Artist

Art and design can be seen and accomplished in so many ways. When you add in a physical difference, it gives more perspective and it doesn’t have to prevent you from doing your best. It might actually mean you do it even better! That’s what we’ve learned in our years of knowing Tammy Haddix. She’s…

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Find Jordan in American Girl Magazine

After years and years of enjoying her American Girl dolls, American Girl books and leading a huge campaign on to encourage American Girl to consider adding limb difference options to its Truly Me doll line, Jordan is now in the September/October 2017 magazine. A while back this summer, Jordan had a chance to tell…

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Born Just Right Pitches SXSW 2018

The last time I talked about disability on a panel at South by Southwest (better known at SXSW) was back in 2012. It was a fabulous conversation that helped me see how technology might be used to help bridge the information gaps between the many different disability communities. As I’ve grown with Jordan, we’ve seen…

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Superhero Cyborgs Assemble Once Again

In one day, eight kids turned themselves into the ultimate superhero upgrades this weekend in the Boston area. It’s amazing to see what we were able to do in one day. With the support of an amazing group of organizations, eight kids gathered at Canopy City in Somerville, Massachusetts to learn how to bring design…

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25,000 Signatures To Change The Toy Industry

We did it! Jordan’s ongoing push to petition American Girl to include limb difference options with its Truly Me line of dolls just hit 25,000 signatures! 25,000! Thanks to you, this was possible. In the time it took to launch this petition and get to 25,000 signatures, Born Just Right has evolved into a nonprofit.…

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