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Sydney’s BMX Bike Arm

We are so thrilled to see some of our Superhero Boost (now named BOOST by Born Just Right) participants’ work toward a new prototype since this summer’s workshop. As they report out details of their work with us, we’re going to share them with you!

First up: Sydney! We are so excited to see her working toward a usable BMX bike arm that lights up while she competes in races. Right now, she uses a standard prosthetic arm with a “bike hand.” That’s cool but she decided during Superhero Boost that it would look even better in lights!

Sydney is a competitive BMX biker

Sydney’s First Concept

Sydney came up with her idea to add LED lights to her bike arm during the BOOST event. She looked at using Google’s DIY Artificial Intelligence technology and LED lights. In the end, she decided she liked the idea of the lights, but she needed to power it with something more lightweight.

Buddy Work After The Workshop

Each workshop participant was paired up with at least one design buddy. Sydney was partnered with Steve Tiseo of Friendly Vengeance. The two meet over video chat to discuss the concepts Sydney wants to add to her arm. They’ve worked in Tinkercad to work on a new design and they’re using Adafruit’s Arduino tech to keep it lightweight. Take a look at their work so far:

We are so excited to see the evolution of Sydney’s project. Thanks again to Steve for teaming up with Sydney. And thanks to Sydney’s family for helping keep their work moving forward.

Thanks again also to Autodesk and Google for making it possible for us to launch Superhero Boost this year. We are always looking for partners to keep our work moving forward. Let us know if your organization would like to help us with our next event!

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