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One last visit!

Jordan and her friend got to hang out again today!! Our families met up as we headed back home from Chicago. The kids got to play in the water and the parents (unfortunately without Randy) got to chat. I absolutely love it. We also got to hang out with a new friend who has a…

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Wrapping it up… kind of

We had our last appointment today. I brought in my thoughts and ideas after the weekend. The two main ideas were how I thought the swim hand needed some holes to help with the drag from the water. And I also thought the new play arm was actually a little too long to manage the…

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A sweet girly experience

A while back, I planned a trip to Chicago in May with Jordan and my mom while we built a new helper arm for Jordan. Unfortunately we had to reschedule. And life being the way it is, my mom wasn’t able to join us on the second attempt to fit in a prosthetic building experience.…

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Testing it all out

We spent Saturday having a ton of fun in downtown Chicago… and I promise to post about our American Girl lunch. It was too adorable to not discuss. But I really want to show how Jordan found all kinds of ways to use her play arm on Sunday. We started out testing the new arm…

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Dozin' with the Dinos

It was two nights ago… But I finally have time to tell you about our fun Friday night. The kids and I had such an awesome experience spending the night with the dinosaurs at the Field Museum. When we arrived I was a little nervous. Jordan was underage for the event, but I felt like…

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WOW! What a cool arm.

Our weekend isn’t even over yet… And I have to say, this one will be one for the books. Let’s start with Friday as we worked on day two of the helper hand building process. Jordan got her swimming arm AND her most amazing elbow arm. Seriously. It’s amazing. Jordan and Mr. David teamed up…

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We're hanging in there

Jordan is having a bunch of fun this morning trying out her helper arm. She was a little hesitant hanging out with it last night. We’re about to head back to Mr. David’s office to finish the fitting for Jordan’s new elbow arm and the swimming attachment that goes with her play arm. Oh the…

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We're working!!

We are making progress on day one of Jordan’s helper arm! Actually we’re working on two helpers. Jordan and I are very excited about it. The first arm will remain simple – straight arm with the ability for multiple attachments: a simple Captain Hook hook that will help Jordan do cool monkey bar action, a…

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Here we go!

We’re on our way out. Seven hours in the car to get to the Chicago area. I’ll probably share updates (if there are any) on our Facebook page!

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Why prosthetics?

Jordan’s used prosthetics for a long time. We started when she was about six months old. She rolled over for the first time in a prosthetic office room. But the first helper arm didn’t last long and I knew we needed to expand our search for someone who could be creative for Jordan’s needs. At…

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