Wrapping it up… kind of

We had our last appointment today. I brought in my thoughts and ideas after the weekend. The two main ideas were how I thought the swim hand needed some holes to help with the drag from the water. And I also thought the new play arm was actually a little too long to manage the bike hand. So her old arm is actually better for biking and the new play arm is best for playgrounds and swimming – at least for now. A little growth and the new play arm will probably work for everything.

So Mr. David took Jordan’s old arm and plans to make it a little bigger and clean up a few things before giving it back. We left with two helper arms and plans for the third arm to come in the mail!

So we had a little twist tonight – Jordan’s super cool playground hand (the hook) got stuck in her new play arm. Jordan wanted to use it for biking and I couldn’t get it fixed. So when the old but refurbished helper arm is returned to our house, we’ll send play arm back for a quick fix so we can go back to using it for playgrounds and swimming. Boo!! I was looking forward to Wednesday’s swimming lesson. But that’s okay. I’ll be patient. We’re INCREDIBLY lucky to have created these arms so quickly. So I will wait a little longer so Jordan can work with her swimming teacher!

In the meantime, we’re heading home. The kids and I enjoyed a quiet afternoon where Jordan took a three hour nap, Cameron played Legos and I tried to catch up on emails and the pile of photos I took this week. We also spent a little more time with Sarah and Jerod who kindly took us into their house. They’re awesome and I’m very very thankful they supported us through this week. Thanks guys! (And yes, that’s Jordan being a goofball in the picture below.)

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  1. Trisha W on June 17, 2010 at 10:08 am

    Yay!!! *smiles*

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