WOW! What a cool arm.

Our weekend isn’t even over yet… And I have to say, this one will be one for the books.

Let’s start with Friday as we worked on day two of the helper hand building process. Jordan got her swimming arm AND her most amazing elbow arm. Seriously. It’s amazing.

Jordan and Mr. David teamed up and created a heck of an arm. Here’s what you’re looking at: A princess arm, complete with purple paint on any metalic items. Heck, even the arm strap has a princess ribbon to keep the pretty theme rolling. The release button she uses to take it off is covered with pink fabric so it all stays beautiful! Jordan loves it and takes it on and off constantly. From the great OT she’s done in the last year, she already really understands how to use it. The only difference is she now has more things she can do with it with the help of her new elbow!!

So… my many fears seem to be unfounded. She’s natural to her new arm. She’s SO proud of it. And she can’t wait to bring it to school to show it off to her friends. Anytime we meet someone new, she pulls it out, puts it on and starts picking things up to show how she can use it. I’m thrilled for her.

Another part of her prosthetic buildingn process on Friday was having a chance to meet the many awesome people who played a role in building her arm. She, her brother and I toured the production area of Scheck and Siress.

They learned how prosthetics are built, met wonderful people and we are just incredibly excited about the many things Jordan can do!

Oh! And here’s some video of Jordan learning how to use her swimming arm:

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  1. Hollee Temple on June 13, 2010 at 7:45 am

    Yeah, Jordan! I loved seeing your mom’s photos from the week. The princesses are beautiful — have fun swimming!

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