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We spent Saturday having a ton of fun in downtown Chicago… and I promise to post about our American Girl lunch. It was too adorable to not discuss. But I really want to show how Jordan found all kinds of ways to use her play arm on Sunday.

We started out testing the new arm with Jordan’s bike hand. I actually think her new arm is a little too long at this point. Her “grip” on the handlebars would come loose and I’ve never seen that before. She didn’t seem to mind though. She rode around the neighborhood where we’re staying and she had all kinds of smiles.

Of course we had to try out swim arm! So I got the kids together and we headed to a nearby indoor pool place. I knew it was going to rain – so I wanted to make sure they could have fun without a storm getting in the way. Jordan was a little hesitant to try the swim arm – she was concerned about it getting wet. But once she got in, she thought it was kind of fun. I got her to swim a little with me and we found that she has a lot easier time doing a back stroke compared to a forward stroke when it comes to using her new helper swim arm.

Later in the day we even found a chance to play with Jordan’s monkey bar arm – I took a few pictures on my phone but I haven’t uploaded most of them yet. We did learn a tough lesson from that play time – the monkey bar hand can get caught in playground equipment. So Jordan will have to figure out when and where to use it.

We’re headed back to meet with Mr. David to give him our assessment of all of our helper arms. The funny thing is, her most complex arm is the one that seems to need the least amount of tinkering. Jordan really seems to “get it.” She needs to take better advantage of her new elbow, but she just uses it really well. I can’t be much prouder than I am of her!

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  1. Trisha W on June 14, 2010 at 6:47 am

    I don’t even know Jordan but I’m so proud of her. (and you, mommy, and Cameron!) What a great trip for everyone. I’m still green with envy. I can’t wait to make this kinds of trips with my girl. Thank you so much for posting so much about this trip. FANTASTIC!! Yay Jordan!!

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