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Posts Tagged ‘design’

Shifting the Focus on Inclusive Design

A big reason Jordan encouraged me to work on transitioning Born Just Right from a community to a non-profit community came from a huge realization. As Jordan learned more about design this past year, the more we saw how a lot of the inclusive design world is supported by typically able engineers and designers. There…

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Using littleBits on a Valentine's Day Box

I’m not sure when the Valentine’s Day box became a high-pressure, competitive experience. But my kids skipped the drive to win the award for the best box until Jordan’s final year of elementary school. Weeks ago, she started plotting a way to use her littleBits to power her box. She looked at all the functions she…

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A New Way to Build Prosthetics

Even though Jordan and I had huge adventures in our first 24 hours in Chicago, the real reason we visited the city was to kick off the building process for a new prosthetic arm after she grew out of her newest one less than a year after we built one the summer of 2015. It’s…

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Creating a New Concept for TOM:DC Makeathon

After Jordan’s awesome opportunity to present at a Maker Health event with the Health and Human Services Department’s Idea Lab, MedStar Health and the National Institutes of Health, we had a chance to meet some fabulous people in the maker world. They’re making sure Jordan’s work isn’t done! Her ideas have more opportunity to expand with the…

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Tiny Design Issues Matter – Jordan's iPhone Challenge

Last year, Jordan was lucky enough to get a family hand-me-down iPhone 5 to use with wifi. It gave her a chance to take pictures, FaceTime and text me while I was out fo town for work travel. If you’ve followed us this year, Jordan’s grown up a lot this year. She’s communicating design ideas, meeting…

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Turning into a Limb Difference Superhero

Every time I tell Jordan about a new baby born with a limb difference, she cheers. That’s because she isn’t sad about living with one hand. It’s a blessing. How many kids with two hands can say they have a bunch of extra hands? Two-handed kids don’t have a chance to go to Camp No Limits…

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Talking About Little Arm

Jordan and I were talking about having a little arm this week. It’s rare when we just talk about her limb difference… because there’s so much to talk about. And people, Miss Jordan is a talker. It’s the only thing she gets a check-minus on almost every week in her weekly folder from school. The…

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Wear a bit of Born Just Right

I’ve been asked and asked and asked… so it’s time. I need your help in deciding what design or designs we should use for a Born Just Right t-shirt. My friend and former student (she actually graduated right before I started teaching at the Missouri School of Journalism), Sarah Clark, has created a wonderful array…

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