Small Gifts of Tinkercad for Valentine's Day

This is the final year for Jordan to participate in class Valentine’s Day cards. I’m a bit nostalgic about it all. I’ve had a kid in elementary school for the last ten years. Getting those cards done each year is a combination of fun and a bit tedious. This year, I wanted to make sure it was just fun. Jordan took that fun and turned it up an extra notch.

In honor of the end of an era and in the spirit of Project Unicorn, I splurged on super sweet foil-pressed cards from Minted – A pegasus that says “You’re magical.”

Jordan was excited about the cards but she wanted to give something extra to her classmates. That’s when she thought about using her 3d printer to create custom hearts. She used Tinkercad to design each classmate’s first initial. She made 28 hearts that took a total of three and a half hours to print.

This is what some of Jordan’s designs look like in Tinkercad.

In Tinkercad, she created one heart and then copied it multiple times. Then, she placed first initials on the hearts to print. You can find it available on her Tinkercad page.

It was a lot of fun watching the prints. We’ve had so many prosthetic and unicorn horn pieces on the printer lately, it was cool to see something different and simple printing out for a different kind of fun.

Each heart fit nicely inside her envelopes. And she got to seal them with unicorn stickers. I think she made Jordan’s final school cards extra special. I’m excited for her to have the chance to pass them out at school soon!

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