Exploring Disney Through Three-Year-Old Eyes

It’s been a long time since we had a pre-schooler in Walt Disney World Resort. With Jordan just celebrating her 11th birthday, we haven’t traveled with a “little” in the parks for at least six years. So when Born Just Right mom, Rachel, set up a day to play with us in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park back during our epic Disney vacation in December, I knew we would have a special day. What I didn’t realize was how many special memories we would collect in one day!

When we met up with Fern and Rachel at the park, we got to take them to see Finding Nemo – The Musical for their first time. You might remember, this is the very special show where Jordan had an incredible experience last May. We are madly in love with the show and we are honored one of the Cast Members helped us enjoy another VIP experience. It was even more special watching through Fern’s eyes as she met Nemo during the curtain call. And then, we had a chance to meet the cast backstage after the show! This was a different cast from our first visit. I can’t believe we’ve met two different casts! Jordan brought thank you notes in honor of our previous special meeting and the Cast Members were kind enough to give the kids a MASSIVE Nemo. Amazing. Fern and Jordan were flying.

But wait, it wasn’t over. After lunch and some fun, we got a SECOND VIP experience. This time it was at Festival of the Lion King. Mind. Blown. We sat right in front of the show, Randy got picked to make warthog noises, Jordan got to walk around the stage playing an instrument, and we all got picked at by the monkey Cast Members. That experience alone was special. But what we didn’t expect was the chance to go backstage to meet the Lion King cast! Ahhhh! And Fern was totally into it. (And we were in awe watching her soak in the experience.) The cast sent us off with more special stuffed animals to remember our amazing meeting.

We ended our day enjoying a very special dinner together. Fern was an amazing kid the ENTIRE day. I don’t think either one of my children would have made it through the entire day tantrum-free at her age. Fern is magical.

I’ve said this time and time again. When limb different kids meet up, often there is an instant connection. I see it happen the most when it’s a small group of kids. It doesn’t really matter the age difference. There’s a connection. Our Disney day together was perfect because we got to spend it with good friends we don’t see often enough. I have to share a HUGE thank you to all the Disney Parks Cast Members (especially David) who helped make all the magic happen.

Also, thank you to the Nemo and Lion King casts for being so welcoming and kind.

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