Failure Real Talk for Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls

Let’s all get real for a moment. Failure is hard. But it’s also one of the most important parts of life when we need to grow. I’m constantly in a state of failing and learning. As I get older, I have fewer big fails but even the little ones can be difficult. I am also a lot better at accepting failure as a process that comes with growth and confidence. I fully embrace fail even if it’s tough.

As Jordan has grown up, she’s discovered a lot of little fail moments that push her forward. But she’s also had big ones, especially challenging ones while learning how to be a maker and designer. (And she’s still learning!) Those experiences have helped her push to create new and unusual ideas. In a number of her recent talks, she’s said, “If you don’t fail. Then something must be wrong.”

Thanks to Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls, we were asked to share a little bit more about how we are fueled by failure. They are looking for people like you to share your fueled by failure moments and get a chance to be mentored by some really wonderful women in New York City during the Fueled by Failure Summit. All you have to do is post your video on Instagram or Twitter and include the hashtags #LikeAGirl and #AlwaysSmartGirlsSweepstakes.

Check out some of our thoughts on failure!

This post was sponsored by Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls but our thoughts are totally our own! And we honestly think you need to fail to get better at just about anything! In the end, that failure will help you feel even more confident about everything you do.

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