A Whirlwind of Activities + New Events

Travel, work, school, activities, friends, and family… That’s how we are filling our time.  We are trying to continue building Born Just Right while also trying to keep up with the many things life is handing us. None of these are bad things! We’re thrilled to have a chance to grow awareness about Born Just Right. I’m crazy proud of Jordan for earning opportunities to speak at events.

Most recently, we learned a lot at the national AIGA conference. It was so exciting to see and meet leaders in the world of design. There are many people talking about the many different ways we all can shift our minds around inclusive design. Jordan not only got to share her design story, she got to shoot more glitter to a group of really fun people. There should be a video of her talk and probably the question and answer portion when I got to jump in and talk as well. I’ll be sure to share a link to it once that is available. Huge shout outs to the entire group who spoke and supported The Impact of Inclusion symposium.

Up next? Jordan is speaking at a TEDxYouth event in the Pittsburgh area. Check out TEDxYouthBlueSlidePark! We are also THRILLED to announce you’ll see Jordan and me in the Boston area in January attending the Helping Hands East Winter Outing and we are speaking at SXSW in March. (Thanks to so many of you who helped us with our SXSW pitch!) Those are huge and exciting events!



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