VIDEO: Building a new arm for Jordan

Why do you use prosthetics?

That was a question that was asked to me so many times during this past weekend’s Born Just Right meet up. We do it so Jordan has the opportunity to build equal muscle strength and learn how different tools work with the help of prosthetics. She has a new bike hand, her pushup hand, a “bouncy” hand that lately has helped with playing on Xbox Kinect games and her new elbow/hook helper arm. The arm sleeve is different than we’ve had before and I asked Jordan to shoot a video showing how she can put it on. We want to make sure she can do it all on her own because Jordan doesn’t like needing help. Plus, I’ve learned how many adults who use prosthetics were only able to get insurance to approve it when they can prove long-term use as a child. I want Jordan to have any and all options throughout her life.

We’re done with the building process for now. Mr. David (Dave Rotter at Scheck & Siress) is going to work on making the hinges on the elbow smoother so it’s a fluid movement for Jordan. There’s a couple of tiny style items he’s going to work on as well. So it isn’t going home with us while we’re in Chicago. It’s a bummer, but I appreciate getting the perfect arm instead of the sort of perfect arm.

Jordan and I get to focus on adventures during the BlogHer conference from now until Sunday. I’m certain we have more fun things so share soon!


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