Using littleBits on a Valentine's Day Box

I’m not sure when the Valentine’s Day box became a high-pressure, competitive experience. But my kids skipped the drive to win the award for the best box until Jordan’s final year of elementary school. Weeks ago, she started plotting a way to use her littleBits to power her box. She looked at all the functions she had and decided to take advantage of a wheel from the Gizmos & Gadgets kit, a light wire and a small fan. Jordan got extra power sources for her birthday, so she wanted to have fun with it all. It was a great addition to the cards she made with special personalized 3D printed gifts.

She came up with a DIY experience box. She offered the chance to slide power to spin heart wheel and turn on the light wire.


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On the other side of the box, classmates could press a button and a flower would spin from the motion of a fan.


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It was a fun way to wrap up the years and years our household has spent giving and receiving sweet messages from classmates. Also? Jordan won the prize for “most creative!” For some reason, this party was the first big event that reminded me that we are ending the elementary school era. I will not get sappy yet! But I feel that nostalgic feeling starting to brew deep inside.

One other aside… I think it’s super cool that Jordan created this box *before* winning $3,000 from littleBits when she pitched to the Shark Tank on The Rachael Ray Show.

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