So Many Wonderful Project Unicorn Videos

As Jordan and I try to settle down into a new normal of talking about sparkle-shooting prosthetics every day, we are overwhelmed by the number of awesome videos that came out this past week on social media. I figured I would share them here so we can remember them for years to come. (This site is as close as I can get to a baby book for Jordan! The one I purchased before she was born has only once page filled out!)

First, NowThis Media revealed a really sweet video about Jordan and Born Just Right on its NowThis Her page. We loved working with Ali Zaslav during our Skype interview. I think she combined our conversation with some great video and images.

Another video that came out this week was from PopSugar. We worked with them to combine years of videos and photos for this piece.

Crazy cool, right? To add to the onslaught of awesome videos for the week, Autodesk’s Tinkercad group released two videos from Jordan’s experience during Kid Inventors Day in January. Here’s a look at the overall event:

And here’s the sweet video on Jordan. I love how each video end with the same Jordan quote.

This is a wild adventure. We’re honored so many people are intrigued by Jordan’s powerful vision of how differences aren’t negative… They are opportunities!

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