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Pushing Limitations at Great Wolf Lodge

Our family had a chance to visit a Great Wolf Lodge for the first time over the weekend. I was a little nervous about going to a new place that might have restrictions on people with one hand. I reached out to the Kansas City hotel to confirm if there were any restrictions. Luckily, a manager got back to me and let me know Jordan would be allowed to use all portions of the waterpark.

I was told as long as Jordan has one hand that can grip well (and she does) and a partial arm that can help brace herself on any type of impact, she would be granted access to everything. The manager also let me know he would give all of the lifeguards the heads up to make sure Jordan had access to the whole park. It was a relief to know I could send her off to the park with her friends armed with the knowledge that if a guard told her “no,” she could take a stand and not walk away upset.

When we got there, I didn’t have to worry about a thing. None of the guards stopped Jordan from doing or trying a single thing. One of the first things Jordan tried to do at the swim park was complete an obstacle course that challenged the kids to get across floating “logs” using rope. It took many, many aggravating attempts. Luckily, Jordan kept smiling.

Jordan and her friends tried other fun experiences at the water park, but she didn’t stop trying that obstacle course. She’s hard-headed and told me there was no way she would quit trying. Of course, she eventually figured it out! Late into the afternoon, Jordan got me out of the hot tub to show me her success.

I’m so proud of Jordan’s tenacity. She was practicing what she preaches… You have to keep failing until you figure it out. Luckily, Jordan is willing to get up and keep failing until she finds the solution. Also, her friends are the best. I love how they celebrated at the end of Jordan’s successful trip across the obstacle course. If only we could all have awesome celebrations like that when we solve a challenging problem!

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