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Parenting is not THAT different with a teen

[This post is sponsored by the Center for Parent and Teen Communication.  All opinions are my own.]


My high energy toddler could run circles around all of us and repeat back every detail of the movie he watched just once. I was “Mr. Credible” and Cameron was “Dash.” We would play pretend characters just like The Incredibles movie for entire afternoons.

Cam LOVED Dash from the Incredibles.


That love of movies never went away. We bought a membership to a local art movie theater so we could enjoy time together. We can talk all night about the plot and characters. Cameron will share the latest storyline from a video game I’ve never watched and somehow he’s captured my full interest through the description. He’s the same person, just a lot bigger!

He still loves movies and we see new ones together all the time.

This video captures a lot of what it’s like to parent a teenager these days.

I try so hard to focus on the good stuff. This article from Dr. Ken Ginsburg explains why the good stuff matters even more now as a parent of a teenager. I really appreciate how the Center for Parent and Teen Communication built a real guide to parenting when I felt I was really winging it up until now! Hopefully, the experiences I’m learning with Cameron will help me as Jordan moves into her teenage years. 

How are you navigating this world of teen communication? What is your big ‘aha’ moment?

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  1. cloudy on January 30, 2019 at 9:29 am

    aww hes kinda cute (im blushin right now)

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