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One day left!

For the last 45 days we’ve celebrated Jordan’s love of Camp No Limits by raising money for other kids to attend camp next summer. This experience has been incredible. For 45 days, you and so many others have pitched in to help Jordan’s hope for more kids at our camp next year.

There’s only one day left to raise money for Jordan’s birthday. Tomorrow’s the big day. Jordan turns six and it’s the end to our big fundraiser. We’ve raised more than $1800 in these 45 days. How amazing is that? We’ll be able to send five kids to camp with that money. But there’s still time. If you’ve thought about donating to camp but you forgot, this is one more chance. It’s tax deductible! It gives kids like Jordan HUGE smiles and a chance to learn from their peers. Both of my kids look forward to this experience. I hope every limb different kid and his or her siblings can attend at least once. (But as we’ve learned, once you start attending, you want to go back year after year.)

This is the last time I’m going to make the pitch. Thanks to everyone who have spread the word, shared funds and let more people know about camp.

Jordan says she wants to do another video after her birthday to say thank you one more time. She asks me every day if we were able to raise more money for camp. It’s very cute.

In the meantime, we’re prepping the house for tomorrow’s birthday party. Jordan made dolphins out of Play-Doh to help decorate the table. Six years old. How did that happen?

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