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How Four Days Can Impact a Lifetime

Jordan and I wrapped up our visit to Camp No Limits Missouri this week. It was one for the record books. We had many, many new families and some of the best weather camp has seen in years.

This was Jordan’s ninth year attending the camp and it’s stunning how impactful the experience has been on her life. The camp introduced her to mentors who have lifted her success through the years. She knows what’s possible and attainable thanks to them. Add in the incredibly occupational and physical therapists who support the kids, it’s just awesome to watch each child encouraged and pushed beyond what they thought was a limitation.

I’ve mentioned time and time again how camp changed Jordan’s life. It is incredible to see how it changes other kids as well. Jordan is now old enough to enjoy camp as an “older kid.” But because it’s a family camp, we are able to experience it together. That means we have a chance to enjoy the experience watching the new families discover the joy of just being ourselves. Throw your legs on the ground and get into the water. Be as silly as you want and no one is going to judge you for your little arm. It’s a totally freeing experience if you haven’t felt it before.

Highlights of this year’s Camp No Limits Missouri at YMCA’s Trout Lodge:
Getting a chance to try the camp’s zip line while shooting water guns.

Helping lead morning energizers.

Spending time with friends – old and new. (We both LOVED the chance to meet new families this year.)

And… Taking part in an epic puzzle challenge with her team.

Camp No Limits takes place in locations across the country. I’m proud to be on the board and watch it grow. Jordan and I hope to bring some Born Just Right design fun into the Maryland camp in September! (Let me know if you’d like to sponsor our efforts!)

Nine whole years of camp! Can you believe it? I wouldn’t be surprised if many of this year’s new families decide to return. It was such a special week. A number of us discussed how it is four days that sustain you with magic just long enough so you can go to camp next year. The combination of kids, siblings, parents/guardians, staff, and volunteers make it so special. I hope Born Just Right can bring a little bit of that magic to its future events!

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