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Pushing Limitations at Great Wolf Lodge

Our family had a chance to visit a Great Wolf Lodge for the first time over the weekend. I was a little nervous about going to a new place that might have restrictions on people with one hand. I reached out to the Kansas City hotel to confirm if there were any restrictions. Luckily, a…

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The end of a season

As school continues in full swing and many kids in other parts of the country kick off a new school year, we are saying goodbye to our awesome pool. It’s a community that is full of regular people who like to hang out by a pool. There are no airs. There’s just fun and conversation.…

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Pool time without questions

We are in our second year attending a pool near our neighborhood. We joined as members and are pretty excited about the year-round access to the tennis courts. But it’s officially summer (even though school doesn’t end until Thursday) and that means we’re swimming A LOT. Our new pool is a super social space for…

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Power struggle

We ended the swim season today. It was the first time we’d joined a swim team… and I want them to continue. But wow. It was hard to stick with it. There are a handful of reasons: 1) Jordan hates being cold. When she’s cold, she’s cranky. When she’s cranky, she doesn’t want to listen.…

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And now she can call herself a swimmer

Mark it down as another thing Jordan can do… She can swim in a swim meet. Today she and her brother each swam in the 25 meter freestyle in their age division. Jordan had someone stand near her to make sure she was okay – but she tells me the person who helped her out…

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No whats

It really seems like the only thing I talk about is swimming but I have a little story that I think is worth sharing. Our community has a really cool indoor pool. When the kids were younger, we were members of the community recreation center that includes the cool pool. I moved to a different…

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Getting back to swimming (Video)

I love trying to stay healthy and help my kids build healthy life skills… I run as often as I can and I love taking a Body Combat class when it fits within the kids’ schedules. Jordan has shown interest in distance running with me… And slowly she and I are learning ways to run…

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VIDEO: Meet Jordan's swim paddle

Introducing Miss Jordan’s new swim paddle! Before we left Chicago we had a chance to hop into a hotel pool and test it out. The paddle is attached to her arm with two rubber bands and velcro. It’s very different for Jordan since it holds on tightly and she’s not a fan of how it…

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Video: Swimming Fun

The outdoor swimming season isn’t over for us! To add to the fun… Jordan was in a show off mode yesterday. First, she was all about grooving and dancing to the music at the pool last night. It was almost totally empty now that the school year has started so she had all kinds of…

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Fun in the water

We decided at the last minute to go play in the water… not at our pool but at a water park that’s about an hour and a half away. We didn’t have time to spend an entire day there, but long enough for the kids to have fun and do things I’m pretty sure they’ve…

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