Project Unicorn in the MSI Chicago Wired to Wear Exhibit

People keep saying we are on fire this year. It’s kind of wild to think all our organization and Jordan has accomplished but what we are doing this year is based on work we’ve had underway for YEARS.

Our next big event is this WEEK. Jordan’s Project Unicorn prototype and another participant in our BOOST workshop, Kenzie Waskiewicz, will have her concept, “Operation Crystal,” on display in a new 14-month exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. Jordan is a featured creator in the exhibit and we got to have a sneak peek of the exhibit that opens TODAY (March 21st).

Introducing Wired to Wear at the Museum of Science and Industry!

We are honored Jordan is a “featured creator” during the exhibit kickoff.

Jordan in front of the entrance to the Wired to Wear exhibit

To add to the fun, Jordan is a part of a special breakfast event at MSI this Saturday. It’s called, “Morning, Makers.” We’re going to have a chance to eat breakfast, Jordan will tell her story a bit and take questions, we’ll all get to build in a new maker studio in the museum, and everyone will get to check out the new exhibit.

Kenzie’s Operation Crystal is on display at the museum

The exhibit is beautiful and full the incredible and evolving world of wearable technology. Not only are some of the exhibit areas interactive, members of the museum staff share additional technology you can use and brainstorm new ways to use them. You could spend hours learning and having fun in this exhibit space.

Project Unicorn on display!

PLUS! We have a new Born Just Right meetup THIS Saturday, March 23rd. Let me know you can attend by signing up on our Facebook event page. We are so excited to spend time with more families and friends this weekend while we are in Chicago. We’ve had many meetups through the years and it’s exciting to do it again! We are honored to be a part of this new exhibit and thrilled to spend this week in one of our favorite cities.

Thanks to Jalyn Henderson of Chicago’s WLS for sharing Project Unicorn and our work in this piece:

Also, thanks to our partners for helping us keep Project Unicorn and our work fresh – especially BioGlitz for providing us biodegradable glitter and colorFabb for the beautiful filament that makes Project Unicorn a perfect violet color.


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