Biodegradable Glitter Partnership for Born Just Right

It is so exciting to bring Born Just Right into new partnerships and our latest is super shiny. Ever since Jordan invented Project Unicorn, we’ve heard the concerns about the pollution caused by glitter. I started researching on biodegradable options. There are a couple of companies working on environmentally-friendly products but there’s only one that I could find that uses different gradients of glitter. Jordan’s invention uses a fine grade, but not powder glitter.

Enter BioGlitz. The company’s glitter is beautiful, the founders are having so much fun with their products, and I am proud to say we are new partners! I had a chance to talk to BioGlitz’ founder, Saba Gray, about her product. She launched the company for the love of glitter and the environment at the same time. In a world where we all know glitter brings smiles and happiness, I’m so excited to work with her. You can read more details about her story in this great article from Racked.

Jordan, BJR Design Director Sam Hobish, and I are attending SXSW next week. We can’t wait to put BioGlitz to the test on the streets of Austin, Texas! There’s a bit of magic when you can bring two organizations together that spread joy. We hope you can see BioGlitz in action after attending our session at SXSW.

You can follow Bioglitz on Facebook and Instagram.

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