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Baseball and movies

Jordan had a very busy weekend. It started with a Friday night trip to the Cardinals. She had an amazing time especially when you consider the fact that she should have been in bed at the time the game started! She loved the hot dog, she loved seeing Fred Bird (she even had his picture on her t-shirt and that apparently was AWESOME), she loved being silly in our seats. It was great.

What wasn’t great was the whole going home part — we live about two hours away from Busch Stadium. The kids needed to sleep. Randy was exhausted and wanted to sleep. I wanted to sleep, but I drove instead. But the funniest part was how Jordan was so overtired that she couldn’t fall asleep. Instead, she couldn’t stop singing. She sang nonstop in audible and inaudible tunes. She sang about mom and dad and the cars and baseball (she calls it base-eh-ball). Jordan sang for 45 minutes nonstop. Randy was aggravated. Cameron slept through it. I just laughed quietly and tried not to interact with her so she’d wind down eventually. She did. Even better. Both kids slept until 9 in the morning! That was cool.

Today we took the family to WALL-E. The first 30 minutes or so has very limited dialogue. Jordan enjoyed it. She was dying through all of the previews… That was the best part. She kept asking “Where’s WALL-E?” After the Pixar short she announced: “It’s all done. WALL-E’s coming!” Once the movie started, it held her attention pretty well. The popcorn helped. I swear, she would eat that food and nothing else if she could.

On the whole, a good weekend as we try to get back into the swing of things. On deck: Jordan has three occupational therapy meetings this week. She hasn’t had her prosthetic on much lately, so the battle to wear it has gotten pretty rough. Right before our vacation, she had picked up a really nasty blister on the tip of her little arm. I’m hoping that was a fluke. I plan to really keep a close eye on her arm just in case.

Another cute thing, there’s a picture on our refrigerator Randy took the day Jordan was born. It’s been there since I printed it out when she was a week old. We put it up there so Cameron could notice Jordan’s little arm. Well, now I just keep it there because it is a really sweet photo. But what’s really interesting is how Jordan’s looks at it. She takes it off the refrigerator, sits down and compares her arms to her baby version. She points to her little arm in the picture and then shows me her little arm. Then she points out her baby hand and shows me her hand. I just think it’s interesting to see how she sees herself. It’s important to me that she sees her difference and loves it, accepts it and is open about it.

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  1. twin power mommy on July 23, 2008 at 9:18 am

    that is so sweet!
    Her baby pic is precious!
    What a little love!

  2. That lady with 6 daughters on July 23, 2008 at 8:14 pm

    what a sweet story. when my toddlers see their baby pictures, I don’t think they really “get it” She is so beautiful, BTW.

  3. Student of Life on July 24, 2008 at 11:45 am

    Well, you’re giving her the best shot at loving herself that a mother possibly can. The more open you are, the more open she will be, and you are giving her a great gift.

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