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Archive for December 2011

VIDEO: Happy New Year from Jordan

What a cool way to end the year. The kids and I enjoyed the very warm weather by going for a run at our elementary school’s track and played on the playground. Jordan showed off how she plays during recess. She’s quite the daredevil. She also told me that when she falls down, she says…

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Best. Birthday. Ever!

Birthdays are awesome. I love them. That’s why I tend to make a big production out of them. Jordan’s been lucky to spend three out of six of her birthdays at Disney World. Each time she’s had a chance to dress up like a princess and celebrate. But until yesterday, she’d never had a traditional…

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VIDEO: Official 6 year old interview

I try to interview the kids every year of their birthday… Because it’s fun and cute to look on the years past. I’ve been much better at conducting the interviews with Jordan’s brother because we are usually in town for his big day. I’m pretty sure this year is the first time we’ve been home…

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Five tips I wish I knew six years ago

Six years ago Jordan came into our world and changed our perspective on what it’s like to raise a little girl. I’ve said this many times, but I’ll repeat it again. I asked the doctors if Jordan was okay after we discovered she was born with one hand… I looked up into Randy’s eyes and…

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One day left!

For the last 45 days we’ve celebrated Jordan’s love of Camp No Limits by raising money for other kids to attend camp next summer. This experience has been incredible. For 45 days, you and so many others have pitched in to help Jordan’s hope for more kids at our camp next year. There’s only one…

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Getting ready for the big day

Jordan is crazy excited and I’m picking up the house like a banshee for Jordan’s first big birthday party with friends. We’re just three days away from her big day and since we’re having it at our house, I’m focused on things being clean so little girls can run around the house without finding strange…

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Merry Christmas… Jordan was officially good

We have so many wonderful stories and photos from this holiday season. First, thank you again to the many AMAZING gifts in honor of Jordan’s December 29th birthday fundraiser. We had hoped to raise enough money for two kids to attend Camp No Limits next summer. You all helped make sure FIVE kids will go…

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That Overwhelming Feeling

You know the feeling… when you start to realize all the things you need to get done and all the things your kids need… and it starts piling up and all you want to do is crawl into bed and take a nap because that just seems much easier? I had one of those moments…

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VIDEO: Meet Jordan's swim paddle

Introducing Miss Jordan’s new swim paddle! Before we left Chicago we had a chance to hop into a hotel pool and test it out. The paddle is attached to her arm with two rubber bands and velcro. It’s very different for Jordan since it holds on tightly and she’s not a fan of how it…

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VIDEO: Meet Jordan's latest helper arms

Take a look at Jordan’s new arms. It’s pretty cool to check out. I shot a little bit of video with her trying things out in the appointment room on Monday: Jordan and I are finally back home. On our way, we had a chance to visit one more Born Just Right family. Seriously, I…

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