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Archive for December 2006

She can eat cake!

Birthday Cake!!! Originally uploaded by Jen Reeves. It took a little extra effort, but today Jordan ate her birthday cake. She wasn’t interested at first. She was exhausted from all of the fun gift opening. (Her favorite gift: a bucket of blocks) So I sat Jordan into my lap and started eating my own slice.…

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Happy Birthday Jordan!!!!

Today may not have been the most fun of birthdays… We spent the day driving home from Florida. I think we made up for it by going to Disney the day before Jordan’s official day. The moment we got there, Jordan was treated like a princess. She was wearing a birthday girl shirt… Someone noticed…

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Get ready… She's almost one!

I’m in shock to be honest with you. My little girl… Who I was so worried about when she came into this world is becoming a self-sufficient, communicating and very happy little girl. She is still very clingy to me, but I have to be honest, I love the attention and love. The greatest development…

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My merry little girl

Jordan enjoyed her first Christmas… And she proved again and again that her brother is so much cooler than any gift we can give her. Every time we had a present to open, she was more interested in what Cam opened and what he was playing with. It was sweet and funny to watch Cam’s…

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Working so hard

Jordan had to run off to school early with her brother the last two mornings because I’ve been leading the morning meeting in the newsroom… And that means scurrying the kids to school right after they wake up. It’s no fun for any of us… And I miss my mornings with Jordan. She’s been a…

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Bulging gums

I’m wrapping presents tonight. I was tired of doing that so I thought I’d drop a few thoughts about Jordan’s life. I know Jordan isn’t really one to complain… I mean her first teeth showed up with no change in her personality. But I keep thinking about teeth when I’m around her because her upper…

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More technology playing

Jordan slept really late today! I attended the honors convocation for a student of mine this morning… Jordan slept an hour past the time I left this morning. I’m so glad I decided to not wake her to feed her. This may be the first step towards saying good bye one more mommy feeding. Anyway,…

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Time is ticking

The holidays are roaring into my calendar and I feel totally lost. I have a ton of wrapping, packing, mailing, sorting, cooking… everything to do. But I have to clean my house. It’s terrible and it’s starting to bother me. It doesn’t help that our backyard is muddy and the dogs keep tracking mud into…

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Baby's first stage performance

Jordan got to perform in her school’s Nutcracker show… And she was sweet and happy and waved at the crowd at the end of the show. My camera didn’t do a good job capturing her very brisk time on the stage. But she got to sit in the front of the sage at the end…

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New trick

Today, I found out that Jordan drank her own bottle at school! I was thrilled to hear this, and decided I’d try to push those lessons further with travel sippy cups. I’ve read on some limb difference boards that those cups are the easiest for one-handed kids because they’re so light weight. Apparently, that advice…

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