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Archive for October 2006

Boo to you

There you go… Our little boo in a Pooh bear outfit for Halloween. Just like her brother when he was a baby, she won’t last in this costume for long today. So when I tested the outfit out, I took some pictures just in case we don’t get many more later today. Unlike her brother,…

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10 Months Old (by the way)

I didn’t mention that Jordan turned 10 months yesterday… And accomplished something new on our long, 8 hour trip home from Kentucky: She drank from a sippy cup all by herself. I was so proud, I snapped this picture of her in her car seat. I’m proud. So, as part of that, we started getting…

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Back in town… And exhausted

I’m coming down with something… It figures after all of the travel and craziness of the last week. We’re finally back in town, I finally have web access again and I promise to write more details about last week as soon as I catch up at work. But the good news is Jordan has a…

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Video delay

We’re in Houston and I have a great 4 and a half minute video that’s processing through Google video… After I spent all kinds of time dealing with spotty internet access on my Mac. So I’ve moved to borrowing my kind host’s computer… And waiting on Google approval to post the second blog online. So…

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Baby's First Parade

Jordan and Cam were up late last night getting a chance to hang out with alumni and walking around campus. So the kids actually woke up a little late this morning… And we rushed to campus for the big homecoming parade. Jordan got to wear her new team outfit… And she smiled and stared at…

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Yup. I'm losing it.

I took the kids to get their pictures taken today… And almost immediately after I set Jordan up in a chair, she fell off it and landed on her face. She was fine. But upset… And that was kind of a symbol of the rest of my day. I think I got one, maybe two…

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