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Archive for May 2006

Grandparent time

Jordan gets to hang out at home for the rest of the week… Her Grandma and Poppy are here because of a big tree house project underway in our backyard. I’m really glad that she had that chance, because today was a really big sleep day. She woke up early and less than an hour…

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5 Months Old!

Wow. How fast the time goes by as Jordan grows. It’s pretty amazing. Today was a holiday, so we had to work with the kids. And I don’t fear that, I actually consider that a fun day in my world. Cam and I got to hang out while Jordan took her morning nap. After we…

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Rolling and giggling

Have I mentioned that Jordan can’t pay attention when I’m feeding her these days? It’s a very standard issue for babies at this age. The world is exciting, and she doesn’t want to miss any moment that is happening behind her when she’s eating. So she eats a little, turns around to look at something……

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Rolling over!! Both ways!!

I’m so excited. Two days ago, Jordan’s teachers said she rolled over. They missed which direction she rolled. Today I was in the prosthetic office when I got Jordan to roll one way on camera… And then she rolled the other direction! Very cool. If you can’t see it, click here.

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Kick kick kick

She figured it out. Jordan is kicking up at everything. In the last week it finally clicked: kick high and you can turn or hit the mobile or hold onto your feet and eat them. Fun stuff. I guess this picture of her kicking her feet up before a performance of an Elmo show is…

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Another long day at school

Jordan had another hard day sleeping at school. I feel so bad for her. When we get her home, she’s so darn tired. Today I had to work late, so Randy got to put her to bed. He said it was two minutes of crying, 30 minutes of sucking down the bottle, two minutes of…

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Shopper, sleeper and traveler

Jordan and I and my Mom just got back from a conference where I had to sit in a room and talk about my future as a professional practice professor. I improved my portfolio and got some good advice on how to improve. Our first night, Jordan stayed up really late to go shopping with…

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Special Mother's Day

So today I was a Mommy to two on a Mother’s Day. I’m so lucky. Jordan was full of smiles today. We finally found a baptism dress! It is sweet and simple and sleeveless — which I felt was very, very important. My Mom came into town yesterday. She arrived late in St. Louis, so…

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Tummy time, better. Sitting, needs work.

Jordan had PT and OT in the same day. Bad planning on my part. Jordan dealt with it pretty well… Until after about 20 or so minutes of OT. She got so upset. I felt terrible for her and we had to end our appointment. So I sent her off to “school” so she could…

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Busy, busy, busy

Life is so busy these days… I’m struggling to get a new syllabus put together for a class that I’m kicking off next week. There are so many logistics that I am not sure how I’m going to get it done. At the same time, there’s a few fun things going on in my world.…

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