10 Reasons To Help Grow Born Just Right

We are TEN days away from Jordan’s birthday on December 29th. Every year, she donates her allowance to a nonprofit. Instead of gifts, she asks for donations to a nonprofit. Most years, she has asked for support to send more kids to Camp No Limits. This year, she’s trying something different as she helps launch Born Just Right into its own organization. In the last year since the organization launched, she and I have big hopes to raise more awareness and support more kids! In honor of being ten days away from her birthday, here are ten things we hope to do in 2018 that will happen with your help.

  1. Speak up even more!
    Jordan and Jen continue to travel across the country sharing perspective on disability, design, advocacy, and how we can be kind to each other at a time when it might feel like kindness is disappearing. Born Just Right became a nonprofit this year to grow kindness and do more for others. Jordan’s biggest goal is to help people who are different succeed. Success can be measured in a lot of ways. For Jordan, it’s feeling good about yourself and learning how to take ownership of your own needs or fun ideas.
  2. Build up more ways to share Born Just Right’s mission
    Launching a nonprofit can be expensive. We are trying to not only grow this new and improved website, but we are hoping to develop more handouts and materials so you can learn more about the power of STEAM skills in the disability world.
  3. Give more kids connections to the design world
    There are so many amazing designers who are learning how inclusive design perspectives make all design better. Jordan’s time at the AIGA conference was a really cool opportunity to meet the people who are at the front of changing how products and ad campaigns are launched. Kids have a lot of great perspectives that could make a difference in the industry!
  4. Turn Project Unicorn into a product YOU can create
    The Project Unicorn design is almost perfected. We hope to get the design under a patent and sell the designs to anyone who wants to build their own. The profits from the sale will help Born Just Right grow. Plus, wouldn’t it be amazing to show how our organization holds a patent?!
  5. Launch more Born Just Right events
    In 2017, we held one event to introduce the power of design and how kids with disabilities can use those differences to their advantage. Our Superhero Cyborg event in Boston was SO MUCH FUN. The kids who attended came up with really fun ideas. We are so thankful for our partnership with KIDmob and the many people who volunteered time, materials, space and so much more to make it happen. We want to do many more events for kids!
  6. Write more stories that include disability, but don’t focus on disability
    Jordan has a vision of launching a series of fiction books that include girls doing awesome stuff together. Some of those girls have disabilities, but the stories won’t be focused ON disability. It is just a part of the characters’ lives. The book series is her dream while we work to launch our first book with Aladdin and Jeter Publishing. It’s a book about Jordan’s story and will come out in Summer 2019.
  7. Find ways to add physical differences to mainstream products (especially toys)
    Jordan just spoke at TEDxYouth Blue Slide Park in Pittsburgh to continue talking about her efforts to bring physical differences into mainstream toys. Disability is a part of life, why not see it more in toy shelves and elsewhere? Born Just Right will continue to advocate for Jordan’s vision!
  8. Hold meetups when we travel to new cities
    Wherever we go, we hope to meet up with families! We held a really fun meetup at Hallmark in Kansas City earlier in the year. We can’t wait to attend the Helping Hands Winter Outing in January. We also hope to bring families together while Born Just Right speaks at the SXSW Interactive Festival in Austin, TX next March.
  9. Create more relationships with companies that can help Born Just Right grow
    In 2017, Jordan and Jen had a chance to meet with some really cool brands. They are learning from Jordan’s perspective as a one-handed kid. There are so many other brands that can learn from her and so many other people who are a part of the Born Just Right world.
  10. Expand Born Just Right’s reach into the disability world
    So far, we’ve been able to support limb different kids but we know we have the ability to support so many other kids in the disability world. Let us know if you want to team up with us. There are so many ideas we can make happen if we work together.

Jordan is wrapping up her last week of school before winter break. She’s planning to share a video about what she thinks we can all do together with Born Just Right. If we can help more kids use their disabilities to their advantage, we can help push forward more kindness in the world and make a difference in how we all grow into the future. In honor of Jordan’s 12th birthday on December 29th, she hopes she can raise $1,200 for our organization. Please consider making a donation! Thanks so much!

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