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When excitement isn't every day

It’s Spring Break in our town… And for the first time in a while, I didn’t overly schedule the kids while they have time off from school. Both Jordan and Cameron were pretty crushed when I told them we decided to cut expenses and skip a beloved week-long theater camp. It’s Harry Potter-theme and Cameron was hoping for a lead role. I realize it would have been awesome. But we need to cut back. Have you seen the amazing things we’ve done in the past year.

Excitement doesn’t have to happen every day.

The kids aren’t so thrilled about that decision.

So we’re taking it easy. The kids get to hang out at work a bit with us. Yesterday they had to wait while I spoke on an hour-long radio program for our local NRP affiliate. It was focused on raising kids during the digital age. It was a really interesting conversation and one that I hope all of us discuss more often. You can listen to the show here. It’s kind of funny that I left the kids to play with technology while I talked about parenting in the digital world. I have used iPads as a distraction for the kids while I work. I have used it as a way to help encourage learning and skills. We’ve read books and shared games with it. I won’t apologize for it. I’m thrilled to be teaching my kids responsible use of these tools before it’s too late and they’ve picked up bad social habits.

So… not a ton of excitement around here. But there are beautiful flowers to see and yummy ice cream to eat. And we’ll probably watch something cool on Netflix or check something out from a Redbox. We’re taking it easy after an incredibly busy and intense year. There are big plans ahead. But this week is for recharging, being quiet and rest. (At least it is for the kids!)

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  1. Barbara on April 2, 2012 at 9:25 am

    I can so relate to your decisions this week. When our oldest was 5 and we had just moved to a new town, we scheduled every week during the summer even though my hubby was staying at home with the youngest. The next summer we went completely the opposite. Although…being a complete Potter-phile, I might sympathize with your son!

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