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The dance recital is back with a different challenge

“You know people pay more attention to dancers on stage who have differences,” Jordan said to me last night with a lot of certainty. “Especially ones like my little arm.”

We had just wrapped up five hours of a dance recital dress rehearsal. Jordan told me she knows more people look at her on stage because of her difference and that’s why she tries extra hard to do her best. It doesn’t bother her, but it motivates her.

It’s always interesting when Jordan opens up a little about life with her little arm. Earlier this week, she sliced her knee open when she tripped and fell down. Seven stitches later, Jordan was super scared she wouldn’t be able to perform well in her recital. We’ve done everything we can to help her leg heal and I’m pretty sure the doctor who gave her the stitches (who also happens to be one of my neighborhood friends) gave her a couple extra to make sure that knee stays together during the show.

So far, so good. Last night was the big dress rehearsal. Jordan ran through her jazz and tap dances and it didn’t look like she was having any trouble. We even found a wrap to protect her knee that is skin colored. I’m proud of her for pulling through a new challenge while recognizing her physical difference doesn’t hold her back on stage. But it might catch a little more attention when she performs.


  1. Raelyn on May 23, 2014 at 7:40 pm

    I know I’d most likely watch Jordan carefully because of her limb difference. I would root for your daughter’s success!! What an inspiration. 😉
    Love you later, Raelyn

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