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Posts Tagged ‘one hand’

Pushing Limitations at Great Wolf Lodge

Our family had a chance to visit a Great Wolf Lodge for the first time over the weekend. I was a little nervous about going to a new place that might have restrictions on people with one hand. I reached out to the Kansas City hotel to confirm if there were any restrictions. Luckily, a…

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The Power of CrossFit

Jordan discovered CrossFit Kids during last summer’s Nubability Athletics camp. I’d heard of it before. I’d watched amazing athletes complete the unthinkable on social media. After Jordan spent time working with Nubability coach, Dave Newkirk, she told me she wanted to get serious. So Jordan started weekly workouts at a gym in our area that had invited her…

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Those Darn Monkey Bars

Monkey bars are the enemy for a child with one hand and a short arm. It’s always been something Jordan and I mention in a joke when she introduces herself. I say, “Jordan can do everything… but sometimes she does it different.” Then she says, “Except monkey bars. I just can’t do monkey bars.” It…

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MagZip zippers for everyone!

You may remember a little more than a year ago when Jordan tried on her very first MagZip jacket from Under Armour. She’s a massive fan. We a few coats and jackets from the company since that first post. We are honored Under Armour noticed our YouTube video and sent additional samples for Jordan to…

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A whole new arm experience


Jordan has focused a lot of her prosthetic use on specific tasks – mainly activities like biking and kayaking. Her new joy with her new activity arm is using a scooter all over the place. But the biggest reason we use prosthetics is to help her body do more bi-manual motions – gross and fine motor.…

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The gift of building new arms


Jordan and I are in the middle of our seventh round of prosthetic building. It’s nowhere close to as emotionally exhausting as it used to be. We don’t work with a company that is close to home because no one near us has the intense knowledge of upper limb technology as our prosthetist, Dave Rotter.…

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Playing games with one hand at Disney


In advance of my first opportunity to attend the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration (#DisneySMMC) next month at Walt Disney World, each Thursday I’m sharing details about Walt Disney World adventure experience I haven’t shared yet on Born Just Right. So far, I’ve shared Jordan’s 9th birthday at Magic Kingdom Park and our Wild Africa Trek experience. After spending…

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One-handed hair styling

It seems like it was forever ago… I was sitting in a gym with Jordan at Camp No Limits when she was three-years-old watching our friend Lizzie show off how she can put her hair into a pony tail with one hand and her little arm. I watched in awe, shot video and thought how…

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Turning the volume up on music lessons

Jordan is in her second year of piano and recently graduated from her beginner book. It’s time to take her skills to a new level. But that’s when her teacher asked her the question: Does she want move to the next level learning in a one-handed piano-playing style or does she want to continue with her…

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Always finding a chance to meet new friends

One of the greatest purposes of this website is finding ways to bring our families together. It can be through raising money so families can meet at Camp No Limits. Sometimes it’s setting up pen pal relationships or creating meet ups across the country. Sometimes it’s a long wait before we meet someone in person.…

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