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Sweet, Thankful Moments for the Holidays

We’re wrapping up a long weekend with family… and I have to say how very blessed and thankful to have the love and support of our family. Not only did I have a chance to take a big nap or two and work on some family holiday stuff on my computer, the kids and the rest of our fmaily had a chance to spend time together with a big Thanksgiving meal. Traditions continue even though we lost my mother-in-law earlier this year. It hurts to be without her, but I’m so happy we could continue the tradition of spending time with so many family members in my in-laws’ home.

During our final full day visiting, the kids helped their Poppy decorate for the holidays. I know this year is going to be tough and it was pretty sweet to see the kids help decorate the tree and put flowers and other little bits of holiday trinkets around the house. We’re helping build new traditions. They aren’t traditions we wanted to start… but I wouldn’t mind helping Poppy decorate each year.

I’m so thankful for the family time. I’m also thankful the kids could spend time with their Great-Grandfather, Daddy Junior. They just brighten his spirit any time they talk to him and deliver all kinds of hugs.

Another really awesome thing happened over the holiday weekend. Jordan’s birthday fundraiser hit her initial goal of $2500. We still have until December 29th to keep her fundraiser going. I can’t wait to see what we can do for Camp No Limits in the next month.

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