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Stand straight, cheer and dance

Jordan has a chance to perform in a cheerleading performance tonightJordan is fearless. She is a rock star on roller coasters. She loves to perform. She will figure out bike riding this year, I’m sure of it.

Did I mention she loves performing? Well, tonight she has another chance. Over the weekend, she attended a cheerleading clinic. She’s never tried cheering before and she loved it. She tells me cheering is nothing like the things she’s learned at dance and she likes both versions. Tonight, the kids who participated in the clinic get to cheer during a high school basketball game.

I let Jordan snag pom poms… and she demands the ability to use both but she doesn’t think a helper arm is very useful for cheering. Instead she just holds the pom really close to her body and decided to not use it most of the time. I told her she should continue working with a pom pom that has both colors mixed into one. Who knows. I’m not really sure when she’ll have another chance to cheer. It is cool for her to have had the opportunity to give it a try.

Speaking of giving things a try… Jordan is really, really into Selena Gomez’s song, Who Says. So much so, Jordan decided to dance to the song at her after school program’s talent show. She choreographed her own dance and then threw in last minute somersaults during the performance. Check it out (I trimmed it down a little since the dance was a bit repetitive at times.)

She’s super proud of the performance. I love Jordan’s willingness to just go out there and give things a try. She’s not shy to perform and she’s super proud of her connection to songs like this one. It reminds me of a book she discovered in the school library called Stand Straight Ella Kate. It’s about a woman from Missouri who grew and grew and grew and her mom encouraged her to never slouch. She should stand straight and be proud of who she was. Jordan and I plan to write a book report about it soon and post it here for you.

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