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So big and brave

I keep forgetting to bring the camera or the video recorder… But Jordan has stunned me once again.

I joined a gym last week and I’ve been really focused on getting healthy. If you have followed me long enough you may have noticed I went through a better eating phase, but I haven’t really added a commitment to exercise in a very long time. I had a membership to a different gym, but this one is very nice and you want to be there. The kids want to be there too.


From Vox Magazine, 2006, Photo by ALYCIA LEWIS

There’s a really cool play area for kids where they have a netted climbing area with a really slick slide. When I saw it at first, I was certain Jordan couldn’t climb it. It kind of looks like this photo — but it isn’t as large. Jordan has to climb straight up to get pretty darn high and go down the slide. I made sure Cameron wouldn’t pressure her to go down it. What I didn’t expect is she wanted to climb and she DID!  And she’s climbed it many, many times. The folks who watch the kids there are so amazed by her. Especially since her climbing style is very original. We’re making sure she has the bouncy arm on to give her more leverage… She uses both “hands” to pull up while Jordan throws her left leg up to add in that pulling up action. She’s amazingly flexible.

She’s having a ball there. She’s officially named the gym’s kid play area/daycare as the “Slide School.” She actually got upset earlier this week when I took her to her real school. Jordan had set her sights on that big, tall slide. She got over it though. She really loves her new school. (Which is so awesome)

As for me — This health thing has me thinking about running a 5K next month. I ran two miles straight on a treadmill today. I’m wondering if I can do that again outside… And move that towards three miles. That way I don’t look really silly when I get to the race and become the last person to cross the finish line! I know two and three miles are no big deal… But to me this is HUGE!

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  1. Student of Life on January 19, 2009 at 5:04 am

    Yay for Jordan, and yay for you! Two to three miles is a VERY big deal in my book. I’ve never been able to run. It’s one of my goals after my baby is born. I will use you as inspiration.

  2. Candice on January 31, 2009 at 3:03 pm

    That play area looks fun! I wanna climb it, too!
    Forget the gym, i’ll just work out by climbing and sliding….again….climbing and sliding! ;0)
    Running a marathon, too….that’s great! I am sooooo not a runner….wish i was, i’d be in better shape!

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