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Sharing the love

I’ve had a few powerful emails from moms who read this blog and participate in our Born Just Right Facebook page. I think it’s incredible that a blog about a little girl can make an impact. I think it’s super special and I’m honored to be able to connect with so many wonderful families.

I showed Jordan many pictures of kids on the Facebook page and she smiled. She thinks its cool to see other limb different kids, but she usually doesn’t feel like she needs to talk about it much.

I love her confidence and I hope and pray I can help her feel this way for as long as possible.

Today Jordan wrapped up making 20 Valentine’s Day cards for her friends at school. I cut a bunch of hearts and she wrote “Love Jordan” on them and put stickers on the hearts. I added a taped on piece of candy to make it extra loving. Jordan was pretty proud of her work.

This morning, I completed Valentine’s Day cards for the kids. Jordan and Cameron found a handmade card, a little stuffed animal and a vase of “roses” at their spot at the kitchen table. I like starting Valentine’s Day off sweet.

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  1. Adrienne May on February 14, 2011 at 3:08 pm

    what a wonderful valentines day!

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